Saturday, 26 January 2013

Buenas Cosas in San Pedro

Yesterday I washed my clothes by hand with a bucket, then made corn tortillas on a hot plate over a fire by the side of the road. The staple dish for lunch and dinner over here, with beans and chilli salsa of course! 

I am staying in a home stay with a lovely lady named Olga and her husband Juan, and I can pretty much communicate with them now after a week with a dictionary in my hand and a lot of sign language and misunderstandings. Not as similar to French as I had hoped. But I am getting there, poco a poco :) 

This place is insane, there are dogs, pigs, horses, chickens, goats and ducks wandering around everywhere and so many beautiful children who always want to play! No running water at the moment but it is coming any day! (not holding my breath) there is electricity though :)

I spent the first couple of nights in the community centre compound of Buenas Cosas in San Benito where all the volunteers start from and get orientated. Then on monday i moved to a home stay further out in San Pedro with two other volunteers from the states, Jo and David :) but they stay in a separate volunteer spot. both great guys and we all hang out a lot, just loving life drinking from coconuts, playing with the kids and picking mangoes... It's a tough life ;)

I teach English to grades 1-3 three mornings a week and sit in/help at the local health centre the other two mornings. Such an awesome combination. The health center is so interesting!! i think it is all set up on donations, and they are VERY limited. 
In the afternoons I work with Olga or one of her many kids doing Spanish vocab or verbs etc... Progress is slow. Sigh. Haha after that Dave, Jo and I tend to go down to the lake to get clean and chill out. It is so beautiful! These people can't understand how lucky they are in that respect!

Internet access is when I make it to Flores and ani Internet cafe, the goal is once a week. So don't expect much! i am trying for photos though, it is amazing here!! 
It is refreshing not having access though, I didn't even realise it was Australia Day until I happened to get access today and logged onto Facebook. crazy, just think, I almost missed it!! So Happy Australia Day everyone! 
At the moment I'm thinking that I will stay here for a month. That is all I have locked in right now, Belize sounds like a pretty cool place from talking to people so I might check that out :) wherever the wind takes me! 

Good luck to everyone starting uni about now! I'm thinking of you all back in Perth, it is pretty lovely there too. 

Peace, love and Buenas Cosas ;) xxx

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Let's go!!

So this is it. Anna flew back to Perth yesterday morning and in a day from now I will land in Guatemala City ready to test my phrase-book Spanish and attempt to catch the right bus to Santa Elena. 

My idea is to update this with my whereabouts and miscellaneous adventures between now and my grand arrival back home. not sure when that will be really but it's currently set for September 30 :) 
So if you ever wonder what Bec is up to, or where she is when you're missing her like crazy (it's ok to admit it guys :P) check this out! 

Current itinerary potential: 

  • Jan 19 onwards for 4 months - voluntourism project and language exchange with Buenas Cosas in Guatemala!
  • The following month - make my way to Lima, Peru, by backpacking South. with the Inca trail, Cusco, Machu Picchu, the amazon... Jamaica? all included somehow! 
  • Fly Lima to London July 16 - arriving back in England in time to go to the St. John's May Ball, Cambridge, with my cousin Sam :) 
  • Catch up with the family again in England for ~10 days.
  • Fly to Dakar, Senegal - backpack my way up northwards to Bunol, Spain, for La Tomatina (festival where you throw tomatoes) whilst practising my French and new Spanish skills! Woooo!
  • Fly Madrid to Mumbai sept. 1st - discover India! 
  • Make my way up to Kathmandu to meet the lovely Morgan for a week in Nepal before flying back to Perth from there sept. 30. 

Now to pay for it = likely to change A LOT. 
Plus I want to catch up with more people too, but this is the current dream/plan :)